Great for packaging pharmaceutical ointments and creams, aggressive hair care products, artists’ paints, adhesives and glues, and other solvent based products.

A full range of sizes are available from a small 11mm diameter to a 60mm diameter.

High Quality Aluminum

  • Our aluminum tubes are extruded from 99.7% minimum purity aluminum slugs


  • Inside of the tubes can be lined with internal coatings (epoxy-phenolic liners) to insure product compatibility and maximum shelf life
  • Cold seal or a darex/latex seal can be added to ensure proper adhesion when crimped and to protect from corrosion
  • We offer closed, open, custom made necks, or break-off tips for single-use or sampling tubes
  • Plastic onserts are available
  • Adhesive, super-glue systems are available

We have a complete line of caps and dispensing closures to match your products’ requirements.

Head Styles and Caps

coming soon

Decoration & Printing Options

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Aluminum Tube Diameters

11.00 mm
12.70 mm
13.50 mm
15.88 mm
19.05 mm
22.22 mm
25.00 mm
25.40 mm
28.00 mm
28.57 mm
30.00 mm
31.75 mm
34.92 mm
38.10 mm
57.00 mm

Know your fill size?

A full range of sizes are available from a small 11.0mm diameter to 57mm diameter. View Amber’s capacity guide to determine your tube’s diameter based on your capacity needs.