Plastic tubes have always made a great package. But now with the unique, innovative head styles and specialized caps, the traditional plastic tube is no longer a plain white tube.

Amber has state of the art decoration options available from new metallic and neon inks, photographic printing, to endless varnish options that will bring your brand to life.

A plastic tube is now your perfect package.

Amber offers various material options, a complete line of head styles and caps, all to meet your products demands. Check out our materials, head styles, and decoration options for more information.

Material Options

Plastic Tube Diameters

13 mm
16 mm
19 mm
22 mm
25 mm
30 mm
35 mm
38 mm
40 mm
45 mm
50 mm
55 mm
60 mm

Know your fill size?

Contact us for help determining the correct size for your product.