Plastic, Laminate, & Aluminum

Sample size tubes come in every type with all of the decoration possibilities of larger tubes. Great for personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and veterinary products

We have a complete line of caps and dispensing closures to make your sample user-friendly. We are also able to accommodate volatile formulations.

Ideal for:

  • Sampling
  • Single-dose
  • Travel Size
  • Trial Size
  • Promotions
  • Testers
  • Trade-show samples

Sample Size Tube Diameters

11.0 mm
12.7 mm
13.0 mm
13.5 mm
16.0 mm
19.0 mm
22.0 mm
25.0 mm
28.5 mm
30.0 mm

Know your fill size?

Our Sample-Sized Tubes can hold as little as 2ml.  View Amber’s capacity guide to determine your tube’s diameter based on your capacity needs.

Material Options

  • Plastic
  • Laminate
  • ABL
  • APT
  • PBL
  • Specialty Laminate
  • Aluminum

Head Styles

Amber offers numerous head styles and capping options, depending on the size of the tube you need.

Open and closed orifice options, foil seals, tamper evident closures are available for all sample size tubes.

Please contact us (link) if you have any question or if you are looking for a custom sample tube.

Decoration and Printing Options

The decoration on your sample size gets your product noticed. Amber offers several options for custom tube decoration for your small tube. The best printing methods for your small tube project will depend on the material, artwork design, size of the tube, and the budget. The decorating options for all sample size tubes are the same as the full size package.