Why choose Laminate?

  • Extra Barrier Protection
  • Superior Graphics for Marketability
  • Lower Cost Option

Superior Decoration Capabilities:

Laminate tubes allow for photo-like graphics and subtle color gradations that are not possible on plastic or aluminum tubes. Graphics on laminate tubes are printed on the tube while flat, before the tube is formed. This printing allows for full flexographic range.

Many personal-care brands have moved to cosmetic laminate tubes. Laminate tubes are perfect for beauty brands because they provide barrier and preservation properties to keep the product protected, with the potential for sophisticated and high-end decoration.

A full range of sizes are available from a small 13mm diameter to a 60mm diameter.

We have a complete line of caps and dispensing closures to match your products’ requirements.

Material Options

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Head Styles and Caps

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Decoration & Printing Options

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Laminate Tube Diameters

12.70 mm
13.00 mm
13.50 mm
16.00 mm
19.00 mm
22.00 mm
25.00 mm
28.00 mm
30.00 mm
32.00 mm
35.00 mm
38.00 mm
40.00 mm
41.25 mm
50.00 mm
60.00 mm

Know your fill size?

Our tubes can hold as little as 2ml (.7 oz) or as much as 500ml (16oz).  View Amber’s capacity guide to determine your tube’s diameter based on your capacity needs.