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Rainbow of Colors & Materials Huge Selection & Customization Creating a Variety of Product Solutions

Our success is measured by the success of our customers.


With over 30 years experience as an exclusive tube supplier, Amber offers a quality product at the best price, and delivered on time.

All our orders are covered by our Product Liability Insurance.


Amber specializes in customer service. We work closely with you to create the best product for your needs. Want a better tube than your current product? We will recommend design improvements or suggest cost saving options. We guaranty that our tubes meet quality standards.


We are proud of our creativity and innovation at Amber. Whether it’s new technology, inventive decorative possibilities, or unique cap options, Amber will help you create a distinctive and original package to meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumer.

Our Products

For more than 30 years Ambertube has been a leading supplier of tubes and cans to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, consumer, industrial, and aerosol markets.

We offer the most complete range of tubes:

Our success is solely dependent upon the success of our loyal customers.   Amber’s flexible order quantities, dependable lead-times, consistent quality, and the industry’s most competitive pricing have provided our customers with a significant edge in today’s marketplace.


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